Behind the Scenes

My House

We created the title sequence for My House, a VICELAND documentary series exploring the world of NYC voguing. 

The objective was to align the open with the aspirational, underground tone of the series. We combined a gel lit studio shoot, ballroom footage and scratchy hand-drawn textures with a brutalist approach to typography utilizing bold weights, outlines, stretched and repeated type.

The interplay of both masculine and feminine typefaces reflects the themes of gender and sexuality within the series. The loud and unapologetic color palette emulates the fearlessness of the characters with the analogue hand-done, line-work providing a raw and human contrast. The movements of the dancers are accentuated through the repetition and textures — visualizing the energy, chaos and passion of the voguing world.

Executive Design Director
Matt Schoen

Art Directors
Annie Rosen
Gabriel Tick

Lead Motion Graphics Designer
Mieka Jewett

Motion Graphics Designers
Magnus Atom
Luke Maroldi

Niq Lewis